Month: September 2020

OLP 006: Get your Ham in the Game – Transcript

OLP 006: Get Your Ham in the Game audio (00:00:00):[Intro Music: There Is A Dark Place by Tom Rosenthal].Jordan (00:00:28):Hi I’m Jordan.Lex (00:00:29):And I’m Lex.Jordan (00:00:30):And this is Or, Learn Parkour.Lex (00:00:32):A podcast about ADHD done by two people who have ADHD.Jordan (00:00:36):We sure do. And we also have sweaters on because it’s fall.Lex (00:00:40):Well […]

Listen to Sylvie on the podcast Job Talk Weekly!

Recently, Sylvie was interviewed on Job Talk Weekly, a podcast with advice to help you find a new job, tips from industry experts, and success stories to keep you motivated. Listen to Sylvie and host Diana Bernal O’Leary talk about targeting your job search, ADHD in the workplace, and the LinkedIn drinking game! Learn more more […]

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