We’re DiscoverPods 2020 Finalists!!!

2020 Discover Pods awards, presented by Buzzsprout.

We are absolutely thrilled to share that Or, Learn Parkour is a finalist for Best Comedy Podcast of 2020 in the Discover Pods Awards! As one of the few awards without an entry fee, this is a really special opportunity for little podcasts like us to reach new people, and we just wanted to take a second and say thanks to the Discover Pods team, and to all of you folks who have been listening and sharing and being awesome. 

After this, we won’t be recording any more episodes until after November 3rd,  but in the mean time, tune in for more information on how to vote for your favorite podcasts, Lex’s cross-cast adventure, and more. 

Till we see you again, stay frosty.

We’re DiscoverPods 2020 Finalists!!!

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