Month: December 2020

OLP 011: HolidADHD Parkourstravaganza! – transcript

Link to Audio Introduction (00:00:00): Intro music: “There is a Dark Place” by Tom Rosenthal Jordan (00:00:28): Hi, I’m Jordan. Lex (00:00:29): HO HO HO! And I’m… Jordan (00:00:33): Santa? Is it really you? Lex (00:00:37):[Deep voice] Yes. Give me all the cookies and milk in your house but make it oat milk because I […]

OLP 010: Chalupas at Tiffany’s – Transcript

OLP 010: Chalupas at Tiffany’s audio(00:00:00):[Intro Music: There Is A Dark Place by Tom Rosenthal].Jordan (00:00:28):Hi, I’m Jordan.Lex (00:00:29):And I’m Lex.Jordan (00:00:29):And this is Or, Learn Parkour.Lex (00:00:33):It’s a podcast. And what it’s about… who’s to say.Jordan (00:00:36):Who’s to say?Lex (00:00:37):I mean, we say, because we’re the co-hosts, it’s about ADHD.Jordan (00:00:41):Because we have that.Lex […]

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