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OLP 010: Chalupas at Tiffany’s – Transcript

OLP 010: Chalupas at Tiffany’s audio
[Intro Music: There Is A Dark Place by Tom Rosenthal].
Jordan (00:00:28):
Hi, I’m Jordan.
Lex (00:00:29):
And I’m Lex.
Jordan (00:00:29):
And this is Or, Learn Parkour.
Lex (00:00:33):
It’s a podcast. And what it’s about… who’s to say.
Jordan (00:00:36):
Who’s to say?
Lex (00:00:37):
I mean, we say, because we’re the co-hosts, it’s about ADHD.
Jordan (00:00:41):
Because we have that.
Lex (00:00:42):
Yeah, actually, no, this whole time long con we have just been, you know, lying. We don’t have ADHD. We definitely are super, super, super neurotypical.
Jordan (00:00:53):
We just wanted the street cred of having a learning disability.
Lex (00:00:57):
Jordan (00:00:58):
You know?
Lex (00:00:59):
I’m kidding. That’s a-
Jordan (00:01:00):
Lex (00:01:01):
We definitely do have cred for that.
Jordan (00:01:03):
I do. You do, we do.
Lex (00:01:05):
We super do.
Jordan (00:01:06):
And this week we are back in your ears or on your page or in your head, hopefully in your heart to talk about-
Lex (00:01:14):
What, why would we be in their head? What sort of Elon bulls*** where we were just projecting the podcast directly into their brains.
Jordan (00:01:24):
Maybe if people are listening to this like 10 years from now, when they’re going through our backlogs and that’s just like how podcasts are.
Lex (00:01:32):
It’s really, really unsettling.
Jordan (00:01:34):
I’m just trying to accommodate for everyone’s experience here.
Lex (00:01:38):
Okay. Yeah. I guess that’s-
Jordan (00:01:40):
If we are in your molar implant-
Lex (00:01:43):
If we’re, if we’re in your Google glasses.
Jordan (00:01:46):
Damnit I was going to say Google glasses.
Lex (00:01:48):
That’s me and Cammy’s thing. I got it. I got it.
Jordan (00:01:51):
That’s fair. That’s fair. You could have Google glasses. We don’t need your Amazon Alexa. We have our own Alexa.
Lex (00:01:58):
Jordan (00:01:58):
And she is here with me to talk about something that many of us have gone through.
Lex (00:02:02):
Jordan (00:02:02):
Something that-
Lex (00:02:03):
It’s school.
Jordan (00:02:04):
Yeah. Okay. Okay. I was, I had this whole like bit, but that’s fine.
Lex (00:02:08):
Well what’s the bit walk me through it.
Jordan (00:02:10):
It’s not funny anymore.
Lex (00:02:11):
Well, okay but like, it could be funny. Let’s see what we can do with it. Let’s take these ashes that I’ve thrown out of the urn.
Jordan (00:02:18):
My deceased joke. You have cremated and tossed back in my face.
Lex (00:02:22):
Yeah. Let’s make a phoenix out of that. Let’s make a phoenix out of that urn.
Jordan (00:02:26):
See, the problem is-
Lex (00:02:27):
Can you imagine if that’s how urns worked.
Jordan (00:02:29):
If they turned into phoenix’s?
Lex (00:02:32):
Well, you know, like it, or if like people just came back to life from their ashes, like phoenixes, but like, we didn’t know it. So like the first time it happens, right? Someone just has like an urn and all of a sudden the urn explodes and there’s a baby.
Jordan (00:02:44):
Oh God that’s even worse than I was thinking cause I was imagining and exploding in there being a bird, which is in and of itself terrifying. But the idea of it exploding and it just being a baby there.
Lex (00:02:58):
It’s a whole baby, it’s a whole ass human.
Jordan (00:03:01):
That is admittedly better than it being like half a baby.
Lex (00:03:04):
Yeah. Thank you. Was that King Solomon? Who’s the King? I think it’s King Solomon,
Jordan (00:03:11):
Probably, it was somebody in the Bible who was like, just cut the baby in half.
Lex (00:03:14):
But the thing is though-
Jordan (00:03:16):
There’s enough to go around.
Lex (00:03:16):
The thing is though, is that, that was a test.
Jordan (00:03:18):
Oh yes. I did get that.
Lex (00:03:20):
Okay. Well I’m just explaining for people who maybe did not grow up in a christian household or with the cultural christian zeitgeist overshadowing your entire life.
Jordan (00:03:29):
That’s fair. So for those of you who are not familiar with this parable, no babies get cut in half. No babies were harmed in the making of this parable. It’s a test because two women want a baby, a baby that already exists. They’re not like I want a baby, babe.
Lex (00:03:45):
Yeah. We wouldn’t have a lot of problems that we have now with the conservative base of the country, I think if that was actually a story canonically in the Bible about two lesbians in the old Testament who wanted to have a baby together. Um.
Jordan (00:04:00):
Is that not what happens in Ruth?
Lex (00:04:02):
Jordan (00:04:03):
Lex (00:04:03):
Again, if that was actually what happened, we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems we have today with people being the way that they are about people’s sexualities.
Jordan (00:04:13):
This is true.
Lex (00:04:13):
Anyways. Yeah, no, it’s a test where one of these women is like this is my baby and the other woman’s like, no it’s my baby. And then instead of like, I don’t know.
Jordan (00:04:23):
They didn’t have like DNA tests or anything back there.
Lex (00:04:24):
No, no, but like, instead of asking for like witnesses or like, you know, just seeing which one the kid looked more like King was like, all right, well I guess we can just cut the baby in half. And then one woman was like, sure okay. Which, all right. Okay.
Jordan (00:04:42):
What did you want a baby for then?
Lex (00:04:42):
Well, and that’s where it’s like, Whoa. Okay. And then the one who is presumed to be the actual mother is like, Oh no, absolutely not we will not cut the baby in half. And the whole idea of supposed to be that I’m realizing now John Mulaney, I think did a whole bit on this and it’s called the top part and that’s like, his whole stand-up set was based on that. So whoops. But what was your-
Jordan (00:05:02):
If he has a problem with it he can meet us behind the Denny’s.
Lex (00:05:04):
Yeah. Him and Nick Kroll still have a lot of, um, a lot to answer to. And by that, I mean, I said once to meet me in the pit and nothing. So.
Jordan (00:05:13):
Pit is empty.
Lex (00:05:14):
Crickets, crickets fill the pit. It’s horrifying actually.
Jordan (00:05:19):
I wouldn’t want to meet you in that pit either.
Lex (00:05:21):
Yeah, no. It’s powerful though.
Jordan (00:05:23):
It is powerful.
Lex (00:05:24):
So what was your bit to get us into talking about school?
Jordan (00:05:28):
I forgot now.
Lex (00:05:28):
Well you talked about how like a lot of us have gone through it and then I interrupted you right about there so you didn’t get much out.
Jordan (00:05:34):
Yeah now, it’s gone.
Lex (00:05:36):
Well, good thing your idea won’t burst into flame and present as a baby in front of us.
Jordan (00:05:42):
Just explode on my mantle.
Lex (00:05:46):
Hell yeah, free bird. But then it’s a real human baby. Oh, Oh.
Jordan (00:05:51):
I don’t want it then.
Lex (00:05:52):
Don’t get me wrong, I do love a baby. I’m related to several little bit babies.
Jordan (00:05:58):
Most people are at one point in their life or another.
Lex (00:06:01):
Hmhm most, Yeah most people are actually babies themselves.
Jordan (00:06:03):
That’s true.
Lex (00:06:04):
Jordan (00:06:05):
Something like 70, 80% of people I think.
Lex (00:06:07):
Yeah. At least. At least. Rumors are it’s higher than that, but who’s to say?
Jordan (00:06:13):
Who’s to say?
Lex (00:06:13):
I’m skeptical. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I do like to question finite and verified factual information.
Jordan (00:06:21):
I want to see the tapes.
Lex (00:06:22):
Oh, also for posterity folks it’s December 1st, 2020.
Jordan (00:06:27):
Rabbit. Rabbit.
Lex (00:06:28):
Yup. I what?
Jordan (00:06:30):
That’s like a thing you say on the first day of the month, it’s supposed to be good luck.
Lex (00:06:34):
Nice. Thank you for sharing good luck in this little blanket fort studio space.
Jordan (00:06:38):
Well we thought some of you might need it if you are going through what this episode is here to talk about, which is finals.
Lex (00:06:46):
Jordan (00:06:47):
So there’s your good luck. You don’t even need this episode now. What are we doing here? Do you want to go get Taco Bell?
Lex (00:06:51):
Jordan (00:06:52):
Okay. Yeah, it’s really not the same since they got rid of potatoes.
Lex (00:06:55):
No they don’t have cheesy potatoes so I don’t care. I don’t care anymore Taco Bako.
Jordan (00:06:59):
Taco Bako you’ve broken my heart for the last time.
Lex (00:07:03):
Taco Bako come get your box. It’s full of your things. It’s in my closet. Come get it. I don’t want to see you again.
Jordan (00:07:09):
I’m donating these chalupas to Goodwill if you don’t come get them in a week.
Lex (00:07:14):
Remember that cheesy gordita crunch locket you got me? It’s going to go in the garbage.
Jordan (00:07:19):
No joke. I’d wear that. Not a real one cause I feel like that’d be messy.
Lex (00:07:23):
Well, I don’t think a cheesy gordita crunch would be a good locket. Like you couldn’t have something stay in there and be protected. If you put a picture in a cheesy gordita crunch, it’s actively making the picture worse in terms of quality and general experience, because you peel open that gordita crunch and not only is the photo starting to like disintegrate over time because of the tomato acid, but it’s also just gooey and wrinkly.
Jordan (00:07:52):
Why don’t you just laminate it?
Lex (00:07:53):
Okay. All right. You’re telling me that you want a gordita crunch hanging from your neck with a laminated photo inside?
Jordan (00:08:02):
No. See I’m imagining you get it from Taco Bell with the photo inside. And it’s like a really fresh new take on like a soulmate AU.
Lex (00:08:11):
You know, think outside the bun, live mas. I’m coming around to the idea.
Jordan (00:08:16):
Thank you.
Lex (00:08:16):
Instead of like tattoos that tell you when you’re going to meet your next soulmate.
Jordan (00:08:21):
Like it’s not their first [laughing]. It says something about your relationship, whether you like bite it, into it first, like. Is it like fortune cookies where you have to like break it in half and then like eat half of it and look at the picture and then eat the other half? Cause if you do it in the wrong order it’s bad luck?
Lex (00:08:40):
I don’t know. I know that my friends broke fortune cookies on their heads for luck.
Jordan (00:08:45):
Was that a luck thing? Or was that just a like UGH.
Lex (00:08:49):
I mean, I think it was a combination because it was teens. So the combo of this sounds correct on some level and also destruction and pain. Great.
Jordan (00:09:00):
Sure alright. Alright sure. Sure alright.
Lex (00:09:01):
Um, but speaking of teens.
Jordan (00:09:04):
Lex (00:09:04):
Teens y’all are probably facing some final exams. Final reports. Final projects. Hopefully if your professors are real chill, you’re not facing a lot.
Jordan (00:09:14):
Yeah. If you’re a Professor listening to this and you’ve got finals coming up, like RIP you, I’m sorry you have to grade those papers, but.
Lex (00:09:21):
Or a teacher actually not just professors.
Jordan (00:09:23):
This is true teachers, professors, TAs.
Lex (00:09:25):
Jordan (00:09:26):
Potentially tweens, I feel like they were trying to start finals type structure when I was in middle school. Potentially people who are older than that.
Lex (00:09:34):
Yeah. No, if you’re a student and you’re quote unquote nontraditional, which is like such a weird way to put it, if like you’re a nontraditional student and it’s like, I’m two years older, but thanks.
Jordan (00:09:45):
Slightly nicer than being like you’re an old ass student, you know?
Lex (00:09:48):
Yeah. No, that’s fair. But anyways, so no matter what kind of students you are, good luck, and what were you saying to educators?
Jordan (00:09:55):
Good luck and hope you’re being chill.
Lex (00:09:58):
Don’t be mean.
Jordan (00:10:00):
Lex (00:10:00):
Can we all just take a beat please? Oh, speaking of things that are good tidings for this season-
Jordan (00:10:08):
Do tell. Tide me over.
Lex (00:10:09):
Elliot Page. Elliot Page, welcome to being your full, authentic self in public. I am so f***ing stoked. I know that a lot of other people are on the same page as me, but Elliot Page has come out as trans and their new pronouns are he/they.
Jordan (00:10:27):
Lex (00:10:27):
Uh, Elliot Page formerly starred in Juno, Inception, The Umbrella Academy. Most recently as Vanya.
Jordan (00:10:35):
Dope. Rock on Elliott.
Lex (00:10:36):
Big news that hit today and again for posterity it’s December 1st and I know I just saw that on Twitter, like a couple hours ago and I was like, like I teared up a little bit. It’s just really cool to see one of your childhood heroes right? Like just thriving and being their full, authentic selves publicly and feeling comfortable and safe enough. But also like the courage that took for him I’m sure was just massive.
Jordan (00:11:03):
Lex (00:11:03):
I’m sure there are probably people who are not stoked and to them, I’m just going to say you’re wrong and we should all be f***ing stoked that Elliot gets to be fully themselves because that’s all, that’s what we all, you know, it’s what we all need. That’s all we all deserve.
Jordan (00:11:20):
We all deserve space for that. Absolutely. Congrats Elliot. That is rad as hell. I did not know that until this moment.
Lex (00:11:27):
I’m so sorry. I kind of forgot to say anything to you beforehand and, or I thought you may be probably had seen it cause you’re on Twitter a lot more than I am, but I was like, Oh, I got to mention that cause it’s dope.
Jordan (00:11:39):
I was not on Twitter because I was real deep in a pizza. I was having a blissful moment with a barbecue chicken, bacon, ranch, cheddar, couple slices from Dimo’s so I was-
Lex (00:11:54):
I’m so glad that you have just really fully embraced the Heartland culture here in the Midwest.
Jordan (00:12:02):
I mean I was always a fan of like ranch pizza. Dip your pizza in ranch everybody. It’s a way of life. It is an enlightened way of life.
Lex (00:12:10):
It is not my way of life.
Jordan (00:12:11):
That’s okay.
Lex (00:12:12):
But if you like ranch, you probably will like that. I’m more of a homemade pizza.
Jordan (00:12:18):
This is true.
Lex (00:12:19):
And if not that, then if you got some of that garlic butter stuff that I can dips things in like-
Jordan (00:12:25):
Garlic butter is a worthy opponent for suresies.
Lex (00:12:29):
Yeah, it’s good. Okay, so in true form, we are several minutes in and we have not done anything of quote unquote substance for our podcast, but that’s kind of the whole thing. Not much substance here. Just, it’s just gordita, lockets.
Jordan (00:12:46):
I feel like there’s a moderate amount of sustenance in a gordita. They’re pretty filling.
Lex (00:12:49):
Okay. So tell me about school now please.
Jordan (00:12:52):
Yes. So today we are coming to you hot and ready. Nope.
Lex (00:12:58):
No own it. Let the audience know what kind of person you are. Keep it in.
Jordan (00:13:03):
I am Little Caesar.
Lex (00:13:04):
I am a pizza pizza.
Jordan (00:13:08):
Twas I that set the crazy bread a flame.
Lex (00:13:09):
Jordan (00:13:10):
I’m so sorry for saying-
Lex (00:13:12):
Wasting all the crazy bread.
Jordan (00:13:12):
-crazy bread.
Lex (00:13:13):
My mouth just started physically watering.
Jordan (00:13:16):
I felt the energy. I felt the desire radiating off of you as soon as I said crazy bread.
Lex (00:13:23):
I love garlicky cheesy hot bread.
Jordan (00:13:26):
Lex (00:13:27):
What’s not to love?
Jordan (00:13:28):
That’s a very good point. I think if I had to name and commit to my favorite garlicky cheesy bread situation, it would oh, 100% be Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits, but crazy bread. I get in on some crazy bread. You’re not going to say no to crazy bread.
Lex (00:13:41):
Yeah that’s definitely really indicative of the type of people that we are. I think.
Jordan (00:13:48):
I got taken to Red Lobster a lot as a child. I guess. This is the kind of person I am.
Lex (00:13:53):
The kind of person who your favorite like gross space level greasy, cheesy garlicky bread is still Red Lobster. It’s very in line with like say our favorite college drinks and you know?
Jordan (00:14:05):
Lex (00:14:06):
I mean you are a chef and a baker, so like-
Jordan (00:14:09):
This is also true.
Lex (00:14:10):
It’s, you’re allowed to be a little bit more, um, Paul Hollywood about your opinions.
Jordan (00:14:15):
Oh no, I don’t want to be Paul Hollywood. I take it back if that makes me Paul Hollywood.
Lex (00:14:19):
Well, don’t change your opinions because of that. I just mean like you have opinions and you have very strong feelings about said opinions.
Jordan (00:14:27):
I do, but I’m not-
Lex (00:14:28):
You’re not a dick to people about it.
Jordan (00:14:30):
Okay. That’s the thing that worries me is he’s mean.
Lex (00:14:32):
But then again, I’ve never seen you as a judge on a baking show so time will tell.
Jordan (00:14:36):
That’s fair. I almost did that. But then I was told I wasn’t allowed to compete because I was the only professional there. Um.
Lex (00:14:44):
Well it’s not judging a competition though.
Jordan (00:14:47):
Yeah. That was a different thing. We can cut this, but I don’t want to elaborate on it. That’s fine.
Lex (00:14:50):
No, I think the audience needs to know. The audience needs to know. Except for like, for real though, I live, I get to live with Jordan so I get to just eat really good food like anytime, anytime. It’s amazing. We have a thing called the Rawlings rule where Jordan, if I’m not feeling great or even if I’m feeling fine, but I just don’t feel like cooking. And I say, can I invoke the Rawlings rule? Jordan will make me food as long as I do the dishes.
Jordan (00:15:17):
Yeah. As long as the ingredients are in the house and she does the dishes, that’s the Rawlings rule. And it goes for pretty much anyone whose house I’m in, unless I hate you. But then I probably wouldn’t be in your house. Not that I’m in anybody’s house really right now.
Lex (00:15:33):
No, but it’s the Rawlings rule cause it’s been a long for a long time in your family and your family has existed since before 2020.
Jordan (00:15:40):
This is true.
Lex (00:15:41):
Or has, has it?
Jordan (00:15:42):
I can’t really prove-
Lex (00:15:43):
Are you just a figment of my imagination?
Jordan (00:15:46):
Lex (00:15:46):
Jordan was just telling me this earlier, the AI software that we sometimes use to level out our voices can’t always tell us apart, which is weird.
Jordan (00:15:54):
It’s kind of terrifying. I hope y’all can tell us apart.
Lex (00:15:57):
Yeah. I mean, we can tell ourselves apart pretty easily.
Jordan (00:16:00):
This is true.
Lex (00:16:00):
And we think that we don’t sound anything alike, but apparently the robots, you know, maybe that’s how we’ll escape them. That’s how they won’t get us.
Jordan (00:16:09):
We’ll just keep that one in our back pocket. Maybe we should be quiet about that then.
Lex (00:16:13):
Jordan (00:16:13):
Yeah um, before we move-
Lex (00:16:13):
I should just generally be quiet probably.
Jordan (00:16:16):
I just want to say we’ll move on to the topic of our podcast, uh, like half an hour of recording in before we move off of the cheesy bread train. I want to give a shout out. How are you doing?
Lex (00:16:28):
I’m good. I’m just trying to be quiet.
Jordan (00:16:30):
Okay. I, I just want to give a shout out to-
Lex (00:16:33):
Nope. Sorry.
Jordan (00:16:34):
How’s that being quiet going?
Lex (00:16:35):
It’s going bad. Okay.
Jordan (00:16:37):
I want to give a shout out to the steamed pizza bagel sandwich from Bagel Shop. It’s real good and I miss it. That’s all I had. We can move on now.
Lex (00:16:47):
Yeah. That’s in Moscow, Idaho?
Jordan (00:16:48):
Yeah, it is.
Lex (00:16:50):
I just figured we’d drop the location you know, it’s like when people are like, look at this delicious food that I had at X restaurant or X location, which please don’t do that right now.
Jordan (00:16:59):
Don’t be at a restaurant right now.
Lex (00:17:00):
But people post pictures of like their takeout say, and then they don’t say where it’s from. What’s the point?
Jordan (00:17:08):
What’s the point?
Lex (00:17:09):
Yeah, your food looks great. Nice. I would like to also partake in said good food.
Jordan (00:17:15):
I don’t want to just look at some noodles.
Lex (00:17:17):
Yeah, I would like to eat the noodles
Jordan (00:17:18):
Lex (00:17:19):
Jordan (00:17:20):
Yeah. So Moscow Bagel and Deli in Moscow, Idaho. Steamed pizza bagel sandwich. It’s good s***. All right. Should we talk about finals?
Lex (00:17:30):
We’re really procrastinating I think.
Jordan (00:17:33):
Hey, that’s on brand.
Lex (00:17:35):
Jordan (00:17:35):
So we’re, we’re- This is a very authentic finals experience for us.
Lex (00:17:39):
Yeah. I mean basically what we’re here to talk about is not necessarily tips and tricks on how to deal with finals and like school in general, because I’ll be honest I don’t feel super qualified even after seven years of academics.
Jordan (00:17:52):
I was like you have a master’s degree, you did it to some level of success clearly.
Lex (00:17:56):
Yeah. Basically this episode is just to like, here’s some things we found helpful. Here’s some things we really didn’t find helpful.
Jordan (00:18:03):
Lex (00:18:04):
And if any of that helps you great. If not, bummer.
Jordan (00:18:06):
Hopefully the laugh is at least a good break for you.
Lex (00:18:10):
Yeah. I mean, I don’t know where we can go from cheesy gordita crunch locket. I guess we have our first merch idea.
Jordan (00:18:17):
What about like Doritos Locos tacos, earrings?
Lex (00:18:20):
Those would fall apart immediately. Let’s move on from Taco Bell jewelry. I don’t want to like, just sit on a joke. You know?
Jordan (00:18:27):
That’s fair.
Lex (00:18:27):
It had the life physically squeezed out of its little cheesy shell.
Jordan (00:18:32):
Sitting on Taco Bell would just not be a fun time at all.
Lex (00:18:36):
And you’re still, you’re still, okay.
Jordan (00:18:39):
I’m agreeing with you.
Lex (00:18:41):
You’re yes and-ing me on the Taco Bell. Um.
Jordan (00:18:47):
You knew I had a theater degree and you chose this.
Lex (00:18:49):
I did. I did. I chose to do a podcast with you.
Jordan (00:18:53):
You chose to spend time with a theater kid.
Lex (00:18:55):
Just kidding. I love it.
Jordan (00:18:57):
Oh, I’m glad.
Lex (00:18:59):
Yeah. And if you’re mean to her I will come hit you with a baseball bat.
Jordan (00:19:03):
Probably two baseball bats.
Lex (00:19:04):
We have two baseball bats.
Jordan (00:19:06):
We do.
Lex (00:19:06):
And I have swung them both around at the same time.
Jordan (00:19:09):
Lex (00:19:09):
My personality doesn’t alter at all when I’m holding weapons or things that could be used as weapons. But my personality definitely does enhance to a level.
Jordan (00:19:19):
I was going to say, you’re always that threatening.
Lex (00:19:21):
Yeah but it’s just like, Oh, when there’s a physical object in her hands. Okay. Just back away.
Jordan (00:19:28):
It concentrates it. It’s like a violence talisman.
Lex (00:19:33):
It makes it sound like I’m some sort of like barbarian.
Jordan (00:19:37):
Yeah. Just, uh, take that half damage when you’re raging. I love that.
Lex (00:19:43):
Yeah. I think it’s more actually more like fighter cause I get like a second wind, you know? So I’m going to just let you talk about school now.
Jordan (00:19:51):
Okay. So we are here to share some study tips for getting through finals. Some things we tried that worked, some things we tried that didn’t, uh, some other things that we’ve read about and heard from other people that work well to sort of toss out there, everyone’s different. Your mileage may vary. And I do want to preface for myself and say what I’m talking about, things that I did in college, I was not diagnosed with anything when I was in college, I was just, I was just going commando. I was just-
Lex (00:20:26):
Just raw dog-ing in college.
Jordan (00:20:27):
Just jumping right into a 3 year program 2 two years with undiagnosed depression and a learning disability.
Lex (00:20:38):
Jordan (00:20:39):
Yeah. So.
Lex (00:20:41):
I mean, yeah. No, I mean like I, I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression at the beginning of grad school, but I didn’t get diagnosed with ADHD till the beginning of this year.
Jordan (00:20:51):
Lex (00:20:52):
So like same.
Jordan (00:20:53):
None of these were like methods that anybody recommended to us. None of these are like tried and true ADHD hacks. This is for the most part our, our personal experience. So I’m going to share a couple of things that I did that worked and a couple of things that I tried that didn’t work. Sound good?
Lex (00:21:12):
Yeah. And then I will do that.
Jordan (00:21:14):
Lex (00:21:14):
I will also do that.
Jordan (00:21:15):
Delightful. I am shivering with anticipation.
Lex (00:21:19):
Jordan (00:21:20):
Okay. I won’t then.
Lex (00:21:24):
You know what’s better than saying yes, and? Walking away, don’t do improv kids. Trust us. We live in Chicago.
Jordan (00:21:32):
Oh. Um, not that there’s improv to do right now.
Lex (00:21:35):
I’ve been on enough Tinder dates in the city of Chicago to know that unless you are one of a thousand people, generally like the ratio is about one to a thousand. You are not funny. I know it’s a really bold move, but we have a podcast we can do what we want with it. I’m not trying to do this in front of us stage full of people.
Jordan (00:21:55):
Yeah. I don’t want you talking back to me. If you want to just say s*** get on stage yourself.
Lex (00:21:59):
Yeah. No people who heckle, like my uncle was like, if you were to do stand up I would heckle you and I was like, cool, I would fist fight you.
Jordan (00:22:07):
I do want to say, I do want to say I have, I have met funny people in Chicago.
Lex (00:22:12):
Yeah, no, I know some of them personally, Uh, they are just so few and far between, and I’ve met so many others and like, I think that’s also just a stereotype about Chicago. Like if you’re in college aged or your twenties or thirties, you know, several film bros, you know, several improv comedians and of all of those people that, you know, only a few of them are gonna make it.
Jordan (00:22:39):
Yeah. Yeah. That’s just the odds.
Lex (00:22:41):
Anyways. So.
Jordan (00:22:44):
Anyways, all that to say, this is personal experience, but some of these things do work and hopefully some of them will either work for you or inspire you to take a left field crack at getting through this cause I think that that’s one of the main like binding ideas of a lot of the things I’ve tried is just like, sometimes you just have to forget the way that you’re quote unquote supposed to do things or supposed to study and just like, do what works for you.
Lex (00:23:12):
Right. Yeah. And as always, I mean, we don’t say it every episode, but I don’t think we need to, we’re not doctors or medical professionals. We’re not therapists, we’re not psychologists or psychiatrists, et cetera. So like again, these tips, some of them we read on the internet.
Jordan (00:23:29):
But we were college students. We did our time.
Lex (00:23:32):
Yeah. No, I feel particularly unhelpful for this episode, but we can talk about that at a later point.
Jordan (00:23:39):
All right. So yeah. I’m just going to throw some of these at you. First and foremost, the Pomodoro method is wonderful. I think I’ve mentioned it on the show before, but it’s, uh, there’s a lot of apps that will help you time this out, but it’s a good way to, I think just help experience time a little bit more clearly so you can stay on track with schedules, whether that’s I have a four-hour block to study or I have six hours until I need to get this part of my project into my classmates or whatever it is. If you have like a timed online test or something, I don’t know if that’s a thing, but it’s basically working in half hour blocks. 25 minutes is work time. Five minutes is break time. It keeps things interesting. It keeps things moving at a good pace. You don’t get like stuck doing anything and you always have an end time to work towards which I find really helpful. And then after every four Pomodoros, I think you get a longer break. So it keeps things moving. Uh, it builds in little rewards for you, those little five minute breaks and then the bigger ones so you always have something you’re sort of working towards. I love using the Pomodoro method, uh, it’s really helpful for me to stay on track because where I get off track is I’ll be like, Oh, I’m working on this one project, but I need to Google this completely unrelated fact right now, or else I will forget about it. And then we’ll go down a rabbit hole. But if I have my little Pomodoro breaks, I’m like, nope, I can just keep working on this for 25 minutes and I’ll Google it later. I have a time set aside to do that. That’s again, my own personal experience, but Pomodoro method. I love you, call me.
Lex (00:25:21):
Okay. I’m very uncomfortable with whatever energy you ended that with. I was with you the whole way up until that. Uh, cool. So I’m going to, thanks y’all for listening.This has been Or-
Jordan (00:25:29):
No, no, no I have more tips!
Lex (00:25:32):
Jordan (00:25:33):
I have more tips we can’t, we can’t jus-
Lex (00:25:34):
Alright, go.
Jordan (00:25:35):
I promise I will not talk about my feelings for them if it makes you feel better.
Lex (00:25:40):
Jordan (00:25:41):
Okay. All right.
Lex (00:25:42):
It’s fine.
Jordan (00:25:43):
Okay. Um.
Lex (00:25:46):
Just the unsettling energy of like call me and like you are very distinctly in my experience, not a horny person.
Jordan (00:25:54):
Not at all.
Lex (00:25:55):
But so the energy there was like, what is happening? Cause it felt vaguely horny. And I was like, that’s strange.
Jordan (00:26:02):
I was-
Lex (00:26:03):
Jordan (00:26:04):
Not, not horny. I would say like, maybe yearning.
Lex (00:26:07):
That’s what I’m saying. Like that’s what I’m saying though is like, it came off as horny.
Jordan (00:26:10):
Oh no.
Lex (00:26:10):
That’s what I’m saying is I was like, cause I know that that’s not.
Jordan (00:26:15):
Let the record state that I am not horny for the Pomodoro method or anything else. Okay. Moving on. Another general tip that I will give specific examples for-
Lex (00:26:28):
What about major tip? What about colonel tip?
Jordan (00:26:30):
They’re demoted. They are dishonorably discharged from this podcast.
Lex (00:26:34):
I am dishonorably discharged from the podcast.
Jordan (00:26:44):
Great, I guess it’s just me then. Oh, don’t leave me here alone.
Lex (00:26:52):
Let me just leave some stinky military energy and then leave.
Jordan (00:26:59):
It’s, we’re in a blanket fort, please don’t leave stinky anything. Oh no.
Lex (00:27:02):
I’m just kidding. I just gave Jordan a very unsettling.
Jordan (00:27:07):
A very unsettling-
Lex (00:27:08):
What I hoped was an unsettling look.
Jordan (00:27:09):
It was deeply, deeply disconcerting. I hope you’re happy.
Lex (00:27:13):
I was aiming for the smile on the Big Boy’s face. You know what I’m talking about? Like the Big Boy restaurant. I was thinking about like his face. So I was trying to sorta.
Jordan (00:27:22):
I had no context for that. And I was like, what big boy? Where?
Lex (00:27:27):
But you know what I’m talking about right? He’s holding the plate with the burger.
Jordan (00:27:32):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just vacant and hungry. Which is admittedly how I spent a lot of college so it comes back. Anyways. The other general tip is do things while doing other things. You have an incredible brain for multitasking and. Do we need to come back?
Lex (00:27:57):
No. Just do things while doing other things. Yes. And correct. But just the very, very basic bare bones of that just really took me to a different place that I wasn’t expecting. And it was just funny.
Jordan (00:28:10):
Do things while doing other things.
Lex (00:28:14):
Yeah, like my brain was like well no s***.
Jordan (00:28:15):
This has been Or, Learn Parkour. No, I was going to give examples.
Lex (00:28:24):
That’s fair. I just, I don’t, okay.
Jordan (00:28:28):
Hachi machi.
Lex (00:28:28):
I’m useless today.
Jordan (00:28:30):
That’s okay. We’re diving into that college feel.
Lex (00:28:36):
Jordan (00:28:36):
I just had pizza and beer for dinner. We’re just sitting on the floor, giggling uncontrollably.
Lex (00:28:42):
I’m wearing a giant hoodie and drinking soda.
Jordan (00:28:47):
Yeah. I’m in unwashed leggings and a sports bra, on my floor. So yeah, this is actually a very authentic college experience.
Lex (00:28:56):
Jordan (00:28:58):
No, no, no. But let me, let me give examples for this so it’s not just utter garbage.
Lex (00:29:04):
Take me out. Franz Ferdinand me.
Jordan (00:29:06):
Too soon.
Lex (00:29:06):
He died over a century ago and also I was thinking more along the lines of the more recent reference, which is Franz Ferdinand, the group, that made the song, Take Me Out.
Jordan (00:29:23):
They sure did. That song was a banger, that smacked ass.
Lex (00:29:26):
Or I guess, yeah no, assassinate me like a pre-world war 1 leader. I don’t know.
Jordan (00:29:30):
Rip in peace friends.
Lex (00:29:35):
Ripping pieces.
Jordan (00:29:37):
I think he did. They shot him like right in the stomach.
Lex (00:29:41):
Jordan (00:29:41):
That sucks, dude.
Lex (00:29:42):
That’s a real bumpski bud.
Jordan (00:29:43):
It’s a real bumeroni pizza.
Lex (00:29:48):
Yeah. What did he, what do you think he said when it happened?
Jordan (00:29:51):
I think it was bummeroni pizza.
Lex (00:29:53):
Yeah that sounds about right.
Jordan (00:29:56):
As you can tell, I did not get a history degree.
Lex (00:29:59):
I did and I can confirm that’s correct.
Jordan (00:30:01):
Fabulous. Fabulous. So that’s why you should trust these study tips because we clearly did great.
Lex (00:30:07):
Yeah. Actually you can boil down world leaders who died, uh, about half of them have these really, you know, intense, neat, last final words in quotes and the other half, roughly just all comes down to wah-oh. So there you go.
Jordan (00:30:26):
Yikes bud.
Lex (00:30:27):
Yeah no, I studied European history so straight white dudes, you want to step to me with your WWI and WWII history knowledge? I’m just going to hit you with bummeroni pizza bud.
Jordan (00:30:37):
And then two baseball bats.
Lex (00:30:39):
That’s a promise.
Jordan (00:30:40):
Brilliant. Can I explain this now?
Lex (00:30:42):
Jordan (00:30:42):
Okay. So ADHD brains-
Lex (00:30:46):
I just really need the audience to know that what’s happening right now is I have been put in a self, self-induced timeout, just scrolling on Tumblr so that I don’t interrupt Jordan.
Jordan (00:30:59):
Yeah. How’s that going?
Lex (00:31:01):
I didn’t take my Adderall today.
Jordan (00:31:02):
Great, great. Can I finish my sentence please?
Lex (00:31:07):
Jordan (00:31:08):
We’ll see. I’m gonna try my darndest. So ADH- God, that was-
Lex (00:31:15):
We both do that s*** all the time because we both get sniffily cause we’re in a steamy, stinky blanket fort so don’t at me, that one was not on purpose. I would have been looking directly in the eye when I did.
Jordan (00:31:27):
This is true. Anyways, ADHD brains are very good at multitasking. So let your brain do that. I also find that it helps me to be moving or be active while I’m doing something. None of us are good at just like sitting and absorbing information if it’s not a hyper fixation. So if you are knitting while watching a lecture, then you’re going to retain it better. If you are dancing while listening to a piece of music you have to learn. I used to put my script pages that I had to memorize in binder sheets so they were waterproof and tape them up in the shower and work on them while I was in the shower because A) it was extra time that I was otherwise just like staring into space, disassociating and B) the environment, the change of environment made it easier for me to remember. And I was up on my feet and I was having a specific sensory experience instead of just sitting in a boring room. So do things while doing other things. Uh, if that means like go over flashcards while your exercising or any number of things. I know a lot of people find this helps them too. Like getting housework done. If you’re like, Oh, I’m going to do the dishes while my shower heats up. Just like bundle those tasks together. And then also you’re then going to have more specific sensory experiences surrounding-
Lex (00:32:58):
Interrupted yourself. Hmm.
Jordan (00:33:05):
Great. What I was saying was you’re going to have more specific sensory experiences that are going to actually help you recall that information. It’s sort of like if you’ve ever heard of that study of like, if you chew mint gum while you study, and then chew it during the test that will help you remember things. You’re just like linking those memories with senses and your brain is wired to do that already. So that’s a good tip. Hopefully, hope it works. I can say personally, I love flashcards because it’s a tactile thing they’re portable and my fantastic therapist gave me a great tip when I was studying for my ham license, which I still haven’t gotten to test for but that’s another thing. If you have the answers already, if you have a study guide work backwards, like if you have a chapter to read and then a study guide of questions to answer, like read those questions first, look at the answers first, because that’s going to prime your brain to have a map, to put that information in to be like, so why is this the answer. I found that that really helps me. It just like puts a game in already made. Um, because that’s, that’s the thing with ADHD brains is it’s all about figuring out a way to make that motivating, uh, ADHD folks are motivated by usually urgency, challenge, novelty and play, interest and in my case, uh, sometimes it’s just spite. Sometimes it’s just like, I’m going to finish this essay and make it amazing because I wrote it on something that I like, and it’s not a topic that I was supposed to write about, but your topics were stupid. Sorry Ron. But.
Lex (00:34:56):
Get f***ed Ron.
Jordan (00:34:57):
No, Ron’s cool.
Lex (00:34:57):
I don’t know who Ron is, I just said that.
Jordan (00:35:01):
He was my theater professor in community college and we had to write an essay on a famous director and all of the famous directors we had options to write about were men and I didn’t like that so I wrote an essay about Antoinette Perry, who is, who the Tony awards are named after.
Lex (00:35:20):
Yeah get f***ed Ron. One of the other things that’s motivating for people with ADHD.
Jordan (00:35:25):
Lex (00:35:25):
I think it’s your last one on there, on that list.
Jordan (00:35:28):
Being a contrarian little b****?
Lex (00:35:30):
No. Yeah.
Jordan (00:35:33):
I love you so much, but yeah, along the lines of those things that help ADHD brains activate and engage, urgency or procrastination is a big one. Like that sense of deadline really just makes us go and it’s so frustrating because none of us want to procrastinate. Nobody is like, I’m going to make this 10 times more stressful for myself. Just because I want to.
Lex (00:35:57):
I mean, I don’t want to say like blanket statement because I’m sure there is like at least one freak out there who’s like, mmm yeah. And by freak, I mean, like *wink* not in a like derogatory way.
Jordan (00:36:10):
If that’s-
Lex (00:36:11):
I’m bringing some stinky energy today.
Jordan (00:36:13):
If that’s what butters your parsnips-
Lex (00:36:17):
I’m just saying there’s gotta be at least one person-
Jordan (00:36:18):
-you’re allowed to that. Well I just wanna say you’re allowed to that but I don’t think that this podcast is going to be for you then.
Lex (00:36:23):
That’s fair. That’s fair.
Jordan (00:36:24):
But I digress. What I want to say about procrastination is give yourself fake deadlines and more than that, because it’s very hard for you to just be like, Oh, I’m going to get this paper done three days before I need to that’s my deadline, because your brain still knows. It’s like, no, you made that up. That’s fake. Rules are fake. That’s not a real deadline. So, make somebody else hold you to it. Get an accountability buddy to say, Hey, I need you to look over this paper before I submit it. To give you time to do that I need to give it to you three days before it’s due or talk to your professor and say, can you look over my outline or rough draft of this project so-and-so date before the original thing is due. Make somebody else hold you to those deadlines because your brain will betray you and you won’t do it. If you’re me, I won’t do it. I would never do that. So I need other people to hold my feet to the fire and that’s okay. That’s what professors are for. That’s a totally okay thing to ask for. If you have a friend who is up for doing that and you can help them back, that’s fantastic. Even if it’s not a deadline thing, having a body double of just somebody to like sit there with you and do a task. Super helpful, super good. Instead of just being like, I’m going to go study at the library, you’re not going to study at the library. You’re going to get a big ass iced coffee and pull all of your highlighters out of a bag and play with them for three hours.
Lex (00:38:01):
We had such different experiences my dude. Half of my advice isn’t directly against this, it’s just like, when I explain what I did in college, you’re going to be like, are they hosting the same episode?
Jordan (00:38:16):
Well and that’s all, everyone has their own experience. So this is just mine. And sometimes I, I could buckle down when I had some of those other factors motivating me but if I was just like, I’m going to do this by myself. Sometimes that didn’t happen. So just being like, I’m gonna sit next to my friend and read this play, uh, cause I have to finish it and not get distracted and if we’re here working on something, that helps. Body doubling is great for getting a lot of tasks done. I think my last tip from personal experience would be sleep. I know it feels like everyone’s pulling all nighters and you want to cram for that test. And there’s so much to do A) sleep is going to help you do the things you can functionally do so much better. Sleep is so important for everybody. But especially for ADHD, brains, not getting sleep is going to make it really hard to remember anything for tests if you’re staying up cramming, if you don’t know it by the time you feel like you’re gonna fall asleep, you’re not going to know it. Yeah. Sleep is important. Just go to sleep, knowing you’ve done the best that you can. Don’t try and pull any sort of I’ll get up in the morning and finish it. You will not get up in the morning and finish it. That is the devil speaking. Unless you are one person I have ever met, this goes out to you, my wonderful, terrifying college roommate, Lauren, who is the only person I’ve ever met who was able to do that. I am terrified by your power Lauren, but everybody else I know, I’ve never seen anybody else actually really be able to make that work. And especially for ADHD brains who are most likely on a delayed sleep schedule, that’s super common. Your brain wants to fall asleep later. It’s not going to wake up until later. You’re not going to be able to do it in the morning if you can’t do it now, the sleep is going to help you more than either of those things. So just like let yourself sleep.
Lex (00:40:16):
Yeah, no, what’s that? There’s that one post that’s like morning you is a b****. Morning you would sell your soul to Satan for like one corn chip.
Jordan (00:40:25):
Morning me is a b****. Morning Jordan’s the worst.
Lex (00:40:29):
Jordan (00:40:29):
I’m so sorry you have to put up with her but that is what worked well for me. I will say what did not work well for me but I gave the old college try, was pulling an all-nighter by just filling a gallon jug with drip coffee and like half a bottle of Torani syrup to make it drinkable. I did stay up all night, but it was not worth the next day when I’m, I’m pretty sure I had an ulcer. I very nearly shat my pants and then I could not stop shaking until I just passed out under a table in the computer lab. So would not advise.
Lex (00:41:09):
Jordan (00:41:10):
And that’s what I’ve got. Lex?
Lex (00:41:11):
All right. RIP to you, but I’m different. Um.
Jordan (00:41:16):
Like I said, I didn’t do great at college. I have no idea how I graduated.
Lex (00:41:20):
Yeah. I guess the whole like triangle of like good grades, good social life and sleep and you can’t have all three. I just didn’t choose to have all three, uh, in undergrad anyways. Um, yeah, I mean, so here’s the thing. The reason I said, I feel useless for this episode is because I don’t have any concrete tips. And there were many times where my friends in college and in grad school said things to the effect of when did you get that done? How did you do that? And wait, where, how did you get an A, what? Where were you? Like? Just the constant, like what? Like I remember one time I was sitting in my dorm room with my friend, Sarah and we had the same class and we were writing a paper for said class and we were chatting off and on, I had music playing and like, after like 45 minutes, I shut my laptop and I was like, all right, well, uh, I’m going to go see what’s happening in the lounge. And Sarah was like, Oh, are you going to finish your paper later? And I was like, no, I’m done. And she was like how? We were talking and we were, you were listening to me like you started looking up YouTube videos and like, I was like, yeah, I don’t know. Because I’m one of those people that, at least in school situations, I do make myself procrastinate, like I leave things till the last minute, because I know that that’s when I’ll get things done.
Jordan (00:42:42):
Lex (00:42:43):
So I don’t actually want to right? When you were like, no one wa- I was like, well. Me sitting here like-
Jordan (00:42:49):
Can I, can I say nobody wants the stress of procrastinating?
Lex (00:42:55):
Jordan (00:42:56):
If you could still have the efficiency?
Lex (00:42:58):
I guess but the thing is that for ADHD and most people, the stress is what makes the efficiency happen.
Jordan (00:43:05):
Right. Yes.
Lex (00:43:06):
Um, but also when I was in fifth grade, we had to dress up and do a presentation on, uh, like a famous person. And I chose to do Bill Gates because I read this quote from Bill Gates about like, you don’t want to hire a hard worker, you want to hire a lazy worker because the lazy worker will find the quickest, most efficient way to get something done. And I was like, nice. And I ran with that.
Jordan (00:43:31):
There you go.
Lex (00:43:33):
Uh, and not even just ran with that. I think it was just even then in fifth grade, I felt so seen. I mean, I talked about this a little bit before in episode two, when we talked about like our personal journeys, there were a lot of times where I didn’t turn homework in or, uh, and especially in college, like so many things where I either wouldn’t turn homework in or didn’t go to class or, you know, like not really paying attention. Um, I remember in bigger lecture halls, I would just be like on Pinterest or mostly Pinterest cause that’s like the safest social media to be on in class. This was like pre 2017 Tumblr. So I had to be careful.
Jordan (00:44:12):
Lex (00:44:12):
Yeah. So I I’m, for me, it’s less about like here’s some tips and tricks because I am, uh, the poster child for doing what you’re not supposed to do, but getting by anyways, which I think ultimately is really bad advice for everybody else. Um, but I recognize what a little s*** that makes me sound like, because I got a master’s degree and I don’t know if I should admit this on our podcast, but here it goes, which in my defense, I was going through a lot-
Jordan (00:44:41):
This is true.
Lex (00:44:42):
-in my personal life. And my family was going through a lot. Uh, but I was high as balls when I submitted my final master’s thesis, the thing that I’ve published and have a hardcover copy of. I have a book. I’ve published a f***ing book and you know what I did as I hit submit on that final, final project?
Jordan (00:45:04):
I mean, I do because you told me-
Lex (00:45:07):
-immediately because I was like, wow, I really just did that. I took a fat bong rip as I hit send. So I really am a testament to what you’re not supposed to do and, or poster child for like, imagine what she could have done if she wasn’t staying up all night just for fun. And then putting everything off until the last like 36 hours. But like, here’s the thing is like I was constantly rewarded for it.
Jordan (00:45:32):
Lex (00:45:33):
Because I would get really good grades. Like I remember grad school was really the first time where I had professors being like, you need to work harder. Like you need to do more. And so I think for me to some extent, like, yes, I had undiagnosed ADHD and that can’t be dismissed, but like I also was just a dick and I know we don’t like the L word as much around here. And I personally don’t like it when other people say this, say this about me. But like, I was just really lazy. I was a really lazy college student.
Jordan (00:46:06):
I was like what L word are we going with here?
Lex (00:46:08):
No lazy. I don’t like when people are like, Oh, well you’re just lazy. You’re not doing it cause- Cause like most of the time, if someone is not feeling up to something, they needed that break.
Jordan (00:46:18):
Lex (00:46:19):
Or there’s another issue at hand of like something that’s blocking that from happening or someone might just not want to do that and that doesn’t mean they’re lazy. Right?
Jordan (00:46:27):
That’s yeah. No, that’s not a judgment of character.
Lex (00:46:29):
Jordan (00:46:30):
If you don’t want to do something.
Lex (00:46:32):
Exactly. So that being said, though, there was a lot of college that I was just like, I don’t really feel like it, you know? I would rather just go to Loves at like 3:00 AM and drink with my friends and you know, but then I got like a really good GPA and got into a master’s program.
Jordan (00:46:53):
Lex (00:46:53):
And got a master’s degree. And now I have a podcast. So there’s that. But like, that’s why I like sort of, I’m just like, I’m not super helpful in this area because when Jordan talked about like what we should do for this episode, so I suggested that we like do our school episode or a school-related episode around finals week. And then Jordan was like, Oh yes, that’s great and capitalized on that and gave you all of those super helpful tips and tricks but I hope that you learn from my mistakes and use Jordan’s methods.
Jordan (00:47:23):
Well I think that your experience still illuminates. I mean, like we talked about how urgency of procrastination is a very effective motivator and we can turn out some good stuff under that.
Lex (00:47:34):
Yeah. Well, and I, I assume that I can’t be the only ADHD person like this.
Jordan (00:47:38):
Oh yeah, no, that was my whole, I would say up until my junior year of college, I operated very similarly.
Lex (00:47:46):
Jordan (00:47:46):
I mean not, not the, not the bong rips so much, but-
Lex (00:47:50):
Okay, yeah. No, I mean, I I’m sure that there’s other people who most likely have combined type like me, that you have a lot of energy. You have no problem staying up all night. You have no problem capitalizing on your stress to get things done. And often that’s when you get your best work done so you just choose to do that. And like, I know there’s gotta be other people who like me don’t actually get very sleepy very often until you’re like horizontal or like warm. And I think that’s one key difference right is like, you are a much sleepier person than me. Um, like I never would have passed out on a desk. Like.
Jordan (00:48:25):
I admittedly had been up for like 32 hours at that point.
Lex (00:48:29):
Yeah. No. I mean, I drove 36 hours straight from Florida without sleeping and I was like driving the whole way and I was like-
Jordan (00:48:38):
I’m horrified to know that.
Lex (00:48:39):
Well, that’s the thing though is like, again, we’re just different and that’s fine. We have our strengths. Yeah. I mean, and, and despite all the things that I’m saying, I just made mainly, I don’t want. Mainly I feel bad giving like quote unquote advice, because so much of what had to do with me getting through college is that like, I’m really good at remembering things, like memorizing things. Um, so like sit me in a library for 12 hours by myself with a spinny chair and I will remember over 180 slides worth of information and go take the exam and ACE it two days later. So like, I am very much one of those like go sit in the library, just do the thing until it’s done. Bing, bang, boom. You’re done. And like, if someone was like, how’d you do good in school? I’d be like, I dunno, I was good at school. Like, which I think a lot of people with ADHD can probably relate to cause like some child psychologists could probably tell us all why we’re really good at school when we’re little and then we’re not when we’re older and whatever. But that being said, even in grad school, when I had professors who were like, you need to work harder. I had other professors who were like, this is incredible. Why aren’t you doing this for your thesis? When I had just written the paper five hours beforehand and it was like a 30 page paper, so should not have been that good. But then it was. So it’s kind of like, I feel like a dick when I’m like, yeah, maybe if you just try this or maybe this like, cause it’s just like, I have no concrete, like I guess if you want my concrete steps to success, don’t stress about it too much. And then let the stress overcome you in a fun way. Uh, play games to learn things like Quizlet games are really fun for me. Uh, Lizard Point, if you are a geography person or you just want to be better at geography, which if you live in the United States, I suggest you should because no, really though the United States has like an abysmal record across the board for-
Jordan (00:50:33):
Lex (00:50:34):
-geography. Yeah. Lizard Point, one of my faves when I was taking regional geography, which was a required course for my major. I was having so much fun because you literally just have to memorize countries and names and land masses. And so for a while I knew every country and every capital in the world.
Jordan (00:50:55):
Lex (00:50:56):
Can’t do that now but I occasionally will just hop on lizard point and I’m still batting like a 90%, correct?
Jordan (00:51:03):
Lex (00:51:03):
Yeah. Uh, another suggestion would be like, just blast loud music in your dorm room while you’re doing your homework or studying or whatever. It kind of helps me.
Jordan (00:51:13):
Like in headphones probably.
Lex (00:51:15):
No, I had speakers.
Jordan (00:51:16):
I can’t in good conscience support that if you live in like a dorm where other people might be affected by that, but do what moves you.
Lex (00:51:23):
I mean it wasn’t at night.
Jordan (00:51:25):
Lex (00:51:26):
People played music all the time.
Jordan (00:51:27):
Okay. That’s fair. I did not live in a dorm, so I will definitely concede to you on dorm life.
Lex (00:51:33):
Oh okay yeah. I was like- Yeah, no, I mean, I lived on Second West Olson, if you’re a Taylor person, I’m an Olson girl.
Jordan (00:51:43):
See I was just like comparing that to like if one of our neighbors was just blasting music.
Lex (00:51:48):
Yeah but in, in dorm rooms, like at least at Taylor, Taylor university and in Olson hall on Second West Olson, when I was going there, it was very communal. Like we had a communal bathroom and there was a lounge you were friends with everyone. The whole thing is quote unquote, intentional community. Uh, I have a lot of beef with, uh, with my alma mater. Uh, it makes me really grateful that I followed that up with graduate school at University of Idaho because now when people are like, so where’d you go to school? I can say, Oh, University of Idaho. And it’s in fact the most recent, so most accurate and also still correct. But I don’t have to tell people that I went to a really aggressively conservative Christian school in the middle of nowhere where Mike Pence spoke at the, at the, uh, graduation ceremony, after I graduated so that wasn’t while I was there, but that was recent and it’s not great. I will say a ton of professors and students were so up in arms about that choice because despite the fact that it is like labeled as a small evangelical Christian college or Christian university, it is actually pretty diverse in terms of thought. At least when I was there, like in terms of thought and theology so I didn’t suffer too much, but I did also have people being like, Oh, she has purple hair. I bet she smokes and might drink. She might not follow the LTC, the life together covenant that we had to sign as a, as a population at school every year. I didn’t sign it my senior year. So-
Jordan (00:53:19):
There you go.
Lex (00:53:20):
Um, yeah, anyways,
Jordan (00:53:21):
That’s vastly different than my like loud neighbors experience, which like, even in college, I did not live in a dorm, so I just had an apartment and we were on the bottom floor. I am pretty sure my upstairs neighbors just rolled barrels around in their free time. I, I don’t know what they were doing on our ceiling, but it was a time. And then our neighbors here who are wonderful. Um, but the one time that I can recall any of them, like blasting music was when our downstairs neighbor was just listening to the Twin Peaks theme on repeat for like an hour.
Lex (00:53:59):
He is a film professor. In his defense.
Jordan (00:54:00):
This is true.
Lex (00:54:03):
Yeah. I mean, and also when I think about the auditory habits of our building, we are by far the worst offenders.
Jordan (00:54:10):
Lex (00:54:11):
But we live on the top floor.
Jordan (00:54:13):
Lex (00:54:13):
So I like to think we’re a little bit insulated from it.
Jordan (00:54:15):
We have lots of rugs.
Lex (00:54:16):
We do, we have tons of rugs.
Jordan (00:54:18):
Actually, too many.
Lex (00:54:20):
If we had too many, I would be able to take some for my office and we don’t. So-
Jordan (00:54:23):
I think I was lumping doormats in with that, but-
Lex (00:54:26):
We don’t have too many doormats.
Jordan (00:54:28):
I mean we have more than we use in our house at any one given time like backup doormats.
Lex (00:54:32):
We have a backup doormat and it’s not a backup doormat, it’s our holiday doormat cause it says, Happy Holidays.
Jordan (00:54:37):
Well, we have that one and we have the like spare target one.
Lex (00:54:40):
But that was an accident.
Jordan (00:54:41):
But we still have it.
Lex (00:54:42):
I thought you were going to return it for money.
Jordan (00:54:44):
I did and they gave me the money and then were like, you don’t have to return it because coronavirus.
Lex (00:54:49):
Oh right.
Jordan (00:54:50):
So we just have a free doormat. Uh, if anyone in the Chicago area needs a dope, needs, a doormat, uh, hit us up, slide into these DMs.
Lex (00:54:59):
We do have a cat friendly household, but they haven’t had much access to it because it’s in a closet.
Jordan (00:55:05):
Lex (00:55:05):
I say much because they do manage to just get everywhere. But.
Jordan (00:55:09):
They do.
Lex (00:55:10):
Anyways. Uh, yeah. So my tips and tricks are not helpful because my tips and tricks would be like, I don’t know, like just f*** around and, uh, get really drunk and then write a paper and turn it in and get an A, and then drink some more to celebrate.
Jordan (00:55:24):
Can I throw a couple tips and tricks from the internet in here? And then maybe sum it up with a way to make that a tip and trick?
Lex (00:55:32):
Sure. I don’t know how you’re going to salvage what I just gave the audience. So go for it.
Jordan (00:55:37):
I’ll just, I’ll just go for that now. What I would say to anybody is figure out what motivates you, if it is procrastination and that does work really well for you that’s what works well for you. And that’s like, don’t let anyone harsh on that. Um, if you want to play Lizard Point and those games, work for you, like that’s so valid. Jeopardy, like class Jeopardy-
Lex (00:55:59):
Yeah that’s fun.
Jordan (00:56:01):
That stuff rocks.
Lex (00:56:01):
It’s rough when you, I’m assuming zoom Jeopardy, isn’t super viable, but-
Jordan (00:56:06):
Speaking of Jeopardy, rest in peace, Alex Trebek, but just pay attention to what motivates you, what circumstances you’re in, when you’re doing your best work or what blocks that. And then just use that to make your own rules. How’s that?
Lex (00:56:21):
Hell yeah. That sounds good.
Jordan (00:56:22):
Dope. I do have like a couple more great little things that some other folks have recommended. Um, one the classic lo-fi hip hop beats to study slash relax to. Background music. What’s up?
Lex (00:56:35):
I forgot my other thing that I did a lot in college, at least when I was an undergrad. Weightlifting.
Jordan (00:56:40):
Lex (00:56:40):
I really filled out that combined type, like could not give less of a, generally in my attitude about everything, but at the same time, I was like, I’m full of energy and ready to go. And so I just kinda like threw it to places.
Jordan (00:56:55):
There you go.
Lex (00:56:56):
And somehow managed to get more than one degree.
Jordan (00:56:58):
Yeah. There are plenty of people on the internet who will tell you how good exercising is for you so I’m going to point you to those people. Um, but like, that’s a thing that’s, uh, that is, uh, that is a thing.
Lex (00:57:09):
Waking up in the morning.
Jordan (00:57:10):
Lex (00:57:10):
Going weightlifting.
Jordan (00:57:11):
Lex (00:57:11):
Jordan (00:57:12):
I love that for you.
Lex (00:57:13):
Thank you. I want to just add that I didn’t go gross to any of Jordan’s tips.
Jordan (00:57:20):
It wasn’t gross to weightlifting, it was gross to the idea of waking up in the morning.
Lex (00:57:23):
It was like, I don’t know, I’d wake up at like nine.
Jordan (00:57:25):
Okay. That’s fair. All right.
Lex (00:57:30):
Were you about to say that’s not morning?
Jordan (00:57:32):
No, I think I was going to say that’s not bad, cause it’s not.
Lex (00:57:35):
No, and I had a weightlifting partner.
Jordan (00:57:37):
Some other great tips that we have been given and seen are we know that ADHD folks thrive on a schedule, uh, if you can manage to make that schedule for yourself, awesome. But sometimes it’s okay if you are working on a task that’s not like the thing you are supposed to do on your calendar. Give yourself permission to ride that wave, give yourself some grace there, like your ability to hyperfocus and get that stuff done is a gift. So just like, I don’t know, give yourself permission to do that. And on the flip side, the thing that makes our brains really good at that of just like linking onto a task. You can like reverse engineer that and if there’s something you need to do and don’t want to. I do this with dishes, not as often as I should, but fairly often just do it for like a minute and then walk away, do it for a minute and then just like set it down and leave. I find that I don’t want to do that, but giving myself permission to just do it for a minute, takes away like a lot of the stress that makes it hard to start, but then I’m doing it so I might as well just finish doing it.
Lex (00:58:40):
Jordan (00:58:41):
Lex (00:58:42):
Wow. We are so differently motivated.
Jordan (00:58:43):
We are. We are, this is true. Um.
Lex (00:58:45):
I just get very Shia Labeouf, where like, I really have a hard time discerning where it comes from, but if it’s like time for me to do something, then I’m like, okay, I got to do it. And I just do it. Um, like it might take me awhile. l will get stuff done eventually.
Jordan (00:58:59):
Lex (00:59:00):
So I don’t know.
Jordan (00:59:00):
Yeah, no. And I, I, that is true, we do have different motivations and stuff and I will get things done eventually too, but that’s just like a, like a kick start method. That’s just like the-
Lex (00:59:10):
Yeah I know, I’m just thinking of like, if I’m like, well, if I’m only going to do it for a minute, then I might as well not even do it like that’s where my brain goes. That’s why I’m like, okay.
Jordan (00:59:20):
Lex (00:59:21):
I see.
Jordan (00:59:21):
Lex (00:59:21):
We’re learning so much about each other.
Jordan (00:59:25):
We are this is like best friend bonding.
Lex (00:59:27):
Jordan (00:59:27):
So special.
Lex (00:59:27):
Jordan (00:59:29):
Um, so if that works for you, I’ve ever heard other people say things similar to that in terms of like going to the gym or something. Like if you feel really overwhelmed by that, just like put your gym clothes on and stop there if that’s all you can do. Or like put your gym clothes on and like, just get to the gym. That’s all you have to do. And then the, I dunno, that’s my experience with it is like, if you just break it up into a smaller thing, it will remove the pressure of doing a big thing but then like once you’re there, you’re like, Oh, well I’m here.
Lex (00:59:59):
Yeah, no, that’s fair. Versus my brain is just like just do it. And eventually my body’s like fine.
Jordan (01:00:09):
I love that that works for you.
Lex (01:00:13):
Or on the flip side, occasionally my like impulsive rage will just be like, I’m going to do this.
Jordan (01:00:18):
Yeah there you go and if that works for you, fantastic. If it doesn’t hopefully something that we’ve said in the past, like hour helps.
Lex (01:00:27):
If it hasn’t, that’s a bummer.
Jordan (01:00:29):
That’s a yikes.
Lex (01:00:30):
It’s a bummski, bro.
Jordan (01:00:31):
It’s a bummeroni.
Lex (01:00:32):
It’s a bummeroni pizza.
Lex (01:00:33):
It’s a bummeroni calzone, man.
Lex (01:00:36):
[singing] I say don’t you know, you say, you don’t know, I say-
Jordan (01:00:42):
Lex (01:00:42):
Take me out.
Jordan (01:00:46):
I don’t know if we can keep that in the podcast was that less than 10 seconds?
Lex (01:00:50):
I don’t think that that counts as any level of copyright infringement and if any of you rats us out-
Jordan (01:00:55):
Two bats.
Lex (01:00:56):
Yeah. I got two baseball bats.
Jordan (01:00:57):
Two bats.
Lex (01:01:00):
I got two baseball, but listen, my great-grandpa apparently killed a dude or something. I don’t know.
Jordan (01:01:05):
With bats? Are you just like re referencing, uh-
Lex (01:01:09):’s murder in my blood, there’s violence in my blood.
Jordan (01:01:12):
Genealogical rage.
Lex (01:01:13):
Literally though. Like, no, one’s really confirmed if he actually killed someone or if he almost killed someone, but either way notable enough-
Jordan (01:01:20):
They like kill someone and they got better?
Lex (01:01:22):
Yeah. No, I don’t know. Well, I, and I don’t know if it was like, he almost killed someone, like he got in a really bad fight or like he did kill someone, but like, I apparently he was just a very angry, violent dude and so when you’re talking about like, the violence just really gets concentrated when you’re holding weapons.
Jordan (01:01:39):
There it is.
Lex (01:01:39):
Jordan (01:01:39):
Yeah. Wonderful.
Lex (01:01:41):
Anyways so don’t rat me out.
Jordan (01:01:43):
Yeah. I wouldn’t recommend it. Um, I think like the last two things I have.
Lex (01:01:48):
Yes I did just hiss at you audience.
Jordan (01:01:51):
Do you have some more rage you want to get out?
Lex (01:01:53):
No. I did have friends in high school who would hiss at people as they walked by. Elyse, I know you listen.
Jordan (01:02:02):
It was Elyse? I was going to-
Lex (01:02:03):
Doesn’t that make it like 10 times better than it already does?
Jordan (01:02:07):
It does. Incredible. I love that.
Lex (01:02:08):
This is like one of the coolest, chillest people I know.
Jordan (01:02:11):
Yeah no Elyse you’re very, very rad. That’s. I mean, sometimes I find myself doing like my tiger grumble when I get upset about things, but that’s just like to myself.
Lex (01:02:25):
Yeah, no. And I mean, I’m like to be fair in high school, they were doing it more so ironically, like for the comedy of it.
Jordan (01:02:32):
I don’t know if that’s better.
Lex (01:02:33):
I mean, just hissing at people off the cuff without any sort of comedy in mind gets into some interesting territory.
Jordan (01:02:41):
It does, but like hissing at people ironically is I think its own type of interesting.
Lex (01:02:48):
Listen, I graduated in 2011 when making fun of furries was still popular.
Jordan (01:02:54):
That’s a time honored tradition.
Lex (01:02:57):
I’m much more inclusive and less judgmental of people at this point in my life so now that’s not exactly like the sense of humor that I jive with.
Jordan (01:03:06):
Lex (01:03:06):
But in high school in 2011. Eh. Made sense. Sorry. What are the last two tips?
Jordan (01:03:16):
Oh, geez. Um, if you’re caffeinating, if that works for you in any sense, and you’re on meds, specifically stimulant meds for ADHD, be careful with your caffeine and medication I beg you. Just because caffeine affects us differently mentally doesn’t mean it can’t still be bad for you in large doses. You can go to the hospital if you drink too much caffeine in a day. So just be careful with that. Um, and the last thing that I will say, and this is I guess, more of a tip that I would have liked to know when I was just a baby junior with my own place for the first time. Um, it’s okay if your house gets messy and it’s okay if you eat fast food or frozen meals for a week, I know I always put myself in a lot of stress of like, this is my house, I have to keep it clean and it’s so messy because I have projects everywhere and I have to cook for myself because I have food in the house and it’s not smart to spend money. And I’d stress myself out over food and about cleaning the toilet during finals week because I needed so many more things to stress about, but just like give yourself permission to find those shortcuts if you need them, um, keep yourself fueled, keep yourself, give yourself a safe place. If your house is messy enough that it stresses you out, just clear out one corner and work there. You don’t have to clean your house.
Lex (01:04:34):
Yeah. Uh, my advice would be like, it’s okay to just survive.
Jordan (01:04:37):
Lex (01:04:38):
Especially right now.
Jordan (01:04:39):
Yes. That is true. Finals and also life in general.
Lex (01:04:43):
Yeah and I know I’m talking about my own experiences. Like I’m, I think I probably sound a little judgmental of my past self. I just, wasn’t a great person in undergrad and so that’s a lot more where my negativity towards my past self sort of comes from, um, is more like a judgment of like my past worldviews and thoughts and actions and everything and not all across the board. Right? But you know, we’re all figuring ourselves out all the time. We’re all constantly just floating along in this life. Right? So that being said, if you are someone who relates to everything that I said, I’m not judging you at all and it’s okay to just survive.
Jordan (01:05:21):
Lex (01:05:21):
And regardless, as long as you’re taking care of yourself to the best of your ability, that’s all we can ask for. Right? That’s all we can do. That’s all we can do.
Jordan (01:05:30):
Yeah. So that’s our finals tips that we’ve got. I hope some of those were helpful. If you have questions about anything else or some tips you want to share, please shoot those at us. Tweet us on the Twitter. Send us an email. Send us a carrier pigeon if you can find one. Uh, actually don’t don’t do that our cats will probably eat it, but tweet at us.
Lex (01:05:53):
Jordan (01:05:54):
Do we want to hop on over to the dopamine trampoline?
Lex (01:05:58):
I suppose so let’s hop on over to the dopamine trampoline.
Jordan (01:06:01):
Do you want to lay something on us?
Lex (01:06:03):
I sure do.
Jordan (01:06:04):
Please do.
Lex (01:06:05):
Uh, I brought to the dopamine trampoline this week, something that I didn’t even have written down on my list, which is silly to me because I kind of just forgot, like it does seem wild that I didn’t have it on my list, but it’s something that I found in late college and so it felt appropriate, but it’s also something that I’m still obsessed with now. And I’m sure a lot of people listening will be like, isn’t she like 27? Why is she like this? And to that I say, mind your business. Um.
Jordan (01:06:37):
Like what, why don’t you, uh-
Lex (01:06:40):
Glossier. I love Glossier. Glossier, uh, if you don’t know, it’s a makeup and skincare brand that, uh, first had its inklings of beginning in 2010 with the blog Into the Gloss, by Emily Weiss. Uh, she had like a 15 year career before starting this blog about beauty and skincare and fashion and what have you called Into the Gloss. Um, and then in 2014 from Into the Gloss, Glossier was created and it’s a brand that is focused on not skincare companies, telling people what they need, but hearing what consumers want and need and taking the, those requests and ideas and putting it into action. Uh, it all started with a cleanser, priming moisturizer, lip balm, and misting spray and it’s wild to think that it just started with those four products and now it’s a billion dollar company. Yeah. I mean, yeah. It’s, it’s Glossier. I feel like everyone at least has heard of it. Right?
Jordan (01:07:39):
Lex (01:07:39):
You think of the pink bubble wrap bags. You think of people talking about things like and Boy Brow.
Jordan (01:07:47):
I do like
Lex (01:07:47):
Yeah, no, like I think most people who are in any sense of cultural awareness are like what? That makeup brand that like vsco girls, like, okay. Like.
Jordan (01:07:58):
I’ll be honest. I don’t think I knew about Glossier until I met you.
Lex (01:08:03):
Yeah, but that was still a couple of years ago.
Jordan (01:08:05):
This is true.
Lex (01:08:06):
Anyways, Emily Weiss, she started this company and now Glossier has different types of, uh, makeup and skincare. They have a perfume that I love. Uh, they have some merch, including hoodies that are a light millennial pink, like Glossier was one of those companies in 2014 to really capitalize on the millennial pink minimalist sort of look and kind of capitalized on that feeling and thought of like, I don’t just want to have things that are good for my skin, I want it to look nice on my bathroom shelf, you know? Uh, and so say what you will about the capitalism of it all. Right? Say what you will about that, but it has the quality of makeup and skincare brands, right? Like Clinique, Estee, Lauder, the things that our moms and aunts and grandmas used from the fancy big stores, right?Where it’s really expensive a lot of the time, so it brings that quality and that sort of curated brand loyalty and experience, but for way cheaper than that. Uh, I recognize a lot of people are not that invested in skincare or makeup and that’s fine. That’s just the thing that makes me feel so good about myself. I’ve struggled with acne since I was like 17. I went like my first, like couple of years of puberty not having a speck of acne. I mean, I had braces and glasses so like, you know, I wasn’t that, you know.
Jordan (01:09:28):
Don’t need that all at once. We’ll pace you.
Lex (01:09:30):
Yeah. But I have been struggling with acne since I was 17 and like, I still struggle with acne 10 years later. Uh, and so having a skincare brand that has really gentle products, cause my skin is really sensitive, I have eczema and I have acne so having all of that stuff and then also having a brand that like actively promotes taking care of your skin and makeup right, that you can use but the whole thing with Glossier is that if you’re looking for like super full coverage makeup, you probably shouldn’t be shopping at Glossier because their whole thing is like, quote unquote natural beauty, right? Like their whole thing is like dewy, glowy, natural look, uh, basically embracing your skin as it is. Um, and anyways, Glossier is dope. I have currently on my body right now, the pink hoodie, because it was on sale for their black Friday sale, which obviously I did not go black Friday shopping. Uh, but I did go online and do the Glossier sale cause it’s the only sale they ever have year round. And they’re very transparent about that. Like they’re like, this is the only time we do a sale is this black Friday weekend. And they finally had a hoodie. The pink hoodie, the pink hoodie.
Jordan (01:10:41):
The pink hoodie.
Lex (01:10:43):
They had it on sale. And so I got it.
Jordan (01:10:45):
Of course. And I I’m sitting on the other side of the mic from you, seeing you in this curated minimalist, millennial pink hoodie, and you look dope as hell.
Lex (01:10:56):
Thank you. And their perfume it’s called You because it smells sort of different on everybody.
Jordan (01:11:01):
Lex (01:11:02):
Cause it has like a musk feature that sort of picks out a different scent on everybody. And I’ve never gotten more compliments on how good I smell then when I wear Glossier perfume.
Jordan (01:11:11):
That’s, I have not tried the You perfume, but I am all in for the mango and the cherry
Lex (01:11:18):
Yeah, no. Their is good. It’s just really, really good lip balm. And they have lots of different tints and flavors and colors. And what have you. They also have like the original, which doesn’t just need to go on your lips. You can put it, like, I use it a lot on my knuckles because like I said, I have eczema and it’s that season so I just have my little original tube at work. Um.
Jordan (01:11:41):
I’ve done that with the rose one too. That one makes a nice little-
Lex (01:11:43):
Yeah, you can use, I, I sh I guess I shouldn’t say you can’t, but like, I’m thinking about like, if you tried to use the, like the cherry, there’s like some red blotches, cause it’s so deeply red tinted you know?
Jordan (01:11:54):
You’d look like you’d got in a fight.
Lex (01:11:56):
Something. Like a greasy fight.
Jordan (01:11:59):
You should see the other guy.
Lex (01:12:01):
Jordan (01:12:01):
Just covered in lip balm. You got it. You got it. There you go.
Lex (01:12:07):
So, uh, I guess, and the other thing too about Glossier is that it really helps simplify my makeup and skincare routine, which if you’re in college or anywhere else in your life, and you have ADHD, I don’t know about y’all but like simplifying things, chef kiss.
Jordan (01:12:22):
Lex (01:12:23):
It is so-
Jordan (01:12:24):
Beautiful. So healing.
Lex (01:12:25):
Yes. So good. So beautiful, so healing is correct. Um.
Jordan (01:12:29):
Lex (01:12:30):
Yeah. I just love Glossier.
Jordan (01:12:32):
Lex (01:12:33):
Yeah. Let’s talk about your dopamine trampoline.
Jordan (01:12:36):
Okay. So I’m going to keep it simple and throw it back today in the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of school. I’m going to talk about one of my original favorite fidget toys before I knew what fidget toys were and I can’t remember the name of them.
Lex (01:12:54):
Tech deck?
Jordan (01:12:54):
Lex (01:12:55):
Jordan (01:12:55):
Lex (01:13:04):
Jordan (01:13:04):
Who fidgets with a Beyblade?
Lex (01:13:04):
Don’t knock it till you try it.
Jordan (01:13:09):
You just spin ’em and they do their thing on their own you don’t have to fidget with them.
Lex (01:13:11):
No, you like do the, you know, you have to like rip ’em.
Jordan (01:13:14):
Yeah but then they spin.
Lex (01:13:16):
Yeah you look at it. It’s a spinny thing.
Jordan (01:13:17):
That’s not a fidget.
Lex (01:13:20):
But it keeps you, I don’t know. It’s a small thing. I don’t know. I just remember like constantly playing with a Beyblade or a Tech Deck. I played with a Tech Deck a lot.
Jordan (01:13:28):
What’s a Tech Deck? Oh was that the little skate skateboards?
Lex (01:13:30):
Jordan (01:13:30):
Oh yeah. Those are sick.
Lex (01:13:30):
Finger skateboards.
Jordan (01:13:31):
Uh, those are sick as hell.
Lex (01:13:33):
Now I want to go find a Tech Deck.
Jordan (01:13:35):
I know. Well, here’s the thing that’s a great segue because I think that our toys would have gone really well together cause my favorite were the little magnetic wire man figurines.
Lex (01:13:47):
Jordan (01:13:48):
They had the little magnets and the hands and feet and they were bendable. And you could like, I would always stick them to like the side of my desk. I remember that there was a little magnet cat that had little wire whiskers.
Lex (01:14:00):
Jordan (01:14:00):
I love those. They came in the little tins, like folded up. Yes. Those were my jam. I love them so much. I like to build like towers out of them. I like to like stick them. Like they were in a scene like a climbing. I don’t know, scene going somewhere. We’re doing grace or the art of climbing, I guess with our magnet men.
Lex (01:14:22):
This just in.
Jordan (01:14:24):
Lex (01:14:24):
They do have Tech Decks at target.
Jordan (01:14:27):
Okay, let’s finish this episode and go to Target. Cool, that’s my dopamine trampoline see ya in two weeks.
Lex (01:14:32):
Jordan (01:14:32):
Lex (01:14:35):
Oh, uh, sorry. I, I got curious cause I was like, well, now I want to get a Tech Deck cause I haven’t played with one in a long time.
Jordan (01:14:41):
Yeah no that you should definitely get a Tech Deck. I might also get a Tech Deck. They’re sick as hell.
Lex (01:14:46):
Yeah. A, Hunter, our friend Hunter got a Tech Deck and he was telling me about it at D&D last week and I was like oh my God.
Jordan (01:14:52):
Maybe we could get some Tech Decks and some magnet men and we can like skate them on the-
Lex (01:14:57):
Jordan (01:14:57):
That’d be so fun.
Lex (01:14:58):
I love your energy.
Jordan (01:14:59):
We should do that.
Lex (01:15:00):
All right. Tell me more about your magnet cats though.
Jordan (01:15:02):
No, that was it. Like I just, they were really fun to play with.
Lex (01:15:05):
That’s your dopamine trampoline? That is really simple. Short, sweet to the point.
Jordan (01:15:09):
That was like one of my favorite toys. And I’m realizing in retrospect, like that was a fidget toy before I knew what a fidget toy was. Like I remember playing with them at school and sticking it on my desk. And like,
Lex (01:15:18):
I think I talked about this. I was an eraser bouncer with like the-
Jordan (01:15:21):
Yeah. I bended those little dudes until they broke.
Lex (01:15:25):
Jordan (01:15:26):
Not on purpose, but just like their wire, so if you like bend them too much, the wire breaks.
Lex (01:15:31):
No, that’s fair. Just the sadism.
Jordan (01:15:33):
It wasn’t on purpose. I’m not, I’m not a sadist.
Lex (01:15:38):
I know this but our audience doesn’t.
Jordan (01:15:43):
I dunno.
Lex (01:15:43):
If you too want to be a wire magnetic man who’s bent until you’re broken. Wink. Shoot us an email.
Jordan (01:15:55):
Better yet. Shoot me your credit card number.
Lex (01:15:58):
Yeah. Yeah.
Jordan (01:16:00):
All right. That’s all I had.
Lex (01:16:02):
Okay. Did you have any other like, like what, what would you say is like your favorite thing to fidget with now?
Jordan (01:16:12):
Oh geez. I have a very tactile job, so-
Lex (01:16:15):
That’s true. That’s true. So your hands are just in it all the time.
Jordan (01:16:17):
They’re just busy. So I guess buttercream frosting.
Lex (01:16:20):
That’s so valid though. Hey remember that one time when you had to make frosting that was like bright, dark blue or whatever and then you had like blue up your nostrils for like a week.
Jordan (01:16:32):
Oh yeah. It was no, it was because I had to use the airbrush.
Lex (01:16:35):
Yeah, that’s what it was. I don’t remember exactly but like your hands and your nose and your ears and like just randomly you would be like, why, what is happening?
Jordan (01:16:45):
Yeah, no fun behind the scenes peak if you’ve ever had
Lex (01:16:50):
I’m so sorry that I just was like remember when you had blue boogers?
Jordan (01:16:52):
No, I think this is something important for our audience to know. Behind the scenes curtain from a professional cake decorator, if you’ve ever had those like multicolor airbrushed cakes or cupcakes that were a fun color, please know that your cake decorator was blowing their nose that color for the next week at least. It really is an airbrush. That s*** goes everywhere. Like they’re fun. You can do cool stuff on the airbrush, but I’m so glad I don’t have to use one anymore. I like my nose being a normal color.
Lex (01:17:21):
That’s fair. It was really funny though.
Jordan (01:17:26):
It was, it was good. It was. And it’s a fun toy to use. Like when I get to, I really like modeling with like gum paste. It has like more tensile strength than fondant so you can get it a lot thinner and it doesn’t dry out as quickly. It doesn’t like flake and get crackly as quickly. So like playing with gum paste was really fun cause it’s like pro mode Play-Doh. But also you actually can eat it.
Lex (01:17:52):
Jordan (01:17:52):
Lex (01:17:53):
Jordan (01:17:54):
Lex (01:17:55):
I am a big fan of obviously Tech Decks.
Jordan (01:17:58):
Lex (01:17:58):
But also like squishy stuff, like slime, Silly Putty. Oh my gosh. I had so many little egg things with Silly Putty.
Jordan (01:18:06):
Did you do the thing where you’d like press it on the newspaper?
Lex (01:18:08):
I did. I did. And I was like well, that’s neat. But like more fun to me was just like rolling it around and flattening it out and trying to get like a perfect circle. Like a perfect flat circle. It’s impossible cause we all have fingerprints. But little, little kid me had not learned that I could just like burn my fingerprints off yet, so.
Jordan (01:18:29):
I’m, I’m glad.
Lex (01:18:30):
I am too cause baby Lex would have done it.
Jordan (01:18:33):
Yeah I know this. That’s exactly why I said it.
Lex (01:18:36):
Jordan (01:18:37):
Could be handy now.
Lex (01:18:38):
Could be committing more crimes.
Jordan (01:18:40):
Don’t, don’t, don’t burn your fingerprints off please.
Lex (01:18:44):
I thought you were going to say don’t do crime. And I was like, well you can’t tell me what to do.
Jordan (01:18:47):
I wasn’t going to tell you not to do crime. Do crime.
Lex (01:18:49):
But then not burning my finger prints off that’s, that seems like a fair and just thing to ask your best friend and roommate not to do.
Jordan (01:18:58):
I would appreciate it greatly if you did not burn your fingerprints off.
Lex (01:19:02):
Yeah. Okay. I guess. Yeah you asked nicely. Eh well team, this has been, uh, a lot of things and um, hopefully informational is at least somewhere on the list. Um.
Jordan (01:19:19):
Yeah. Best of luck to anybody out there. Student or teacher or staff or family and friends of people going through this.
Lex (01:19:30):
Yeah basically if you’re alive right now and you’re not a millionaire or billionaire, good luck. Godspeed.
Jordan (01:19:35):
Yeah. I was going to say good luck on your finals, but yeah.
Lex (01:19:39):
Yeah, no, I think that’s like the whole thing, right? Is like-
Jordan (01:19:41):
Good luck on your finals and also good luck stay hydrated.
Lex (01:19:46):
Yeah. I know I personally am just surviving.
Jordan (01:19:51):
That is more than enough right now.
Lex (01:19:53):
And also apparently making a podcast with you somehow.
Jordan (01:19:57):
We sure are.
Lex (01:19:57):
Cause I forgot that we were doing two episodes in a row, uh, to make up for not giving you all any episodes for like a month.
Jordan (01:20:05):
But we’re back baby.
Lex (01:20:06):
Yeah, we sure are. But I am looking forward to getting back to our normal schedule after this cause I was like, again, podcasting again. Um which-
Jordan (01:20:16):
Maybe I’ll just keep the blanket fort up in my room.
Lex (01:20:18):
Just whenever the urge hits. Hey, I’m feeling funny, let’s go.
Jordan (01:20:23):
I don’t need to get into my closet or my dresser.
Lex (01:20:26):
You’re kidding. I was like, is this a, is this a homophobia joke? Like what’s happening? This is-
Jordan (01:20:35):
It’s my, because my room is not that big and right now it’s literally my bed and a blanket fort.
Lex (01:20:40):
Jordan (01:20:41):
I’m not being homophobic I promise. I wanna make that really clear.
Lex (01:20:47):
No I know this. And hopefully everyone else knows this. I was just like wait closet and my brain just- so maybe I’m, maybe I’m the homophobic one.
Jordan (01:20:57):
Maybe the real homophobia was the friends we made along the way.
Lex (01:21:02):
This is terrible, let’s end this episode. You’re the one who kicks off the end credits.
New Speaker (01:21:09):
Okay. This has been Or, Learn Parkour from Wholehearted Production Company.
Lex (01:21:14):
You can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and most places where other cool people find their podcasts.
Jordan (01:21:22):
Special thanks to Krizia Perito for our fantastic cover art design, you can find her at Petal Hop that’s P E T A L H O P on Instagram and Etsy and Twitter. She’s wonderful, go say hi.
Lex (01:21:37):
Tom Rosenthal. Also, thank you for your album “Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop.” It smacks ass. You know what else smacks ass? The song we use for our intro and outro, which coincidentally was on that album that you created. I’m talking directly to you, Tom. Thank you. Thank you, Tom Rosenthal.
Jordan (01:21:55):
Thank you. Bless you.
Lex (01:21:57):
“There is a Dark Place” smacks ass.
Jordan (01:21:59):
It might even whip ass.
Lex (01:22:01):
Jordan (01:22:03):
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Yeah. It’s powered by Weebly. So fancy. Shot at Weebly. Sorry. We’re not sponsored by anybody. So.
Jordan (01:22:35):
We aren’t, that’s why it says powered by Weebly at the bottom of our page.
Lex (01:22:38):
So yeah, if you want links to that awesome Weebly site that I’m definitely not sh***ing on right now, that will be in our episode description, along with links to transcripts, our sources, other resources and all the social media, credits, et cetera.
Jordan (01:22:52):
The good stuff.
Lex (01:22:54):
You know, the things that you want to click on. We got those.
Jordan (01:22:57):
Speaking of things to click on. There’s like a subscribe button and if you want to hear more of the show, click on that. That’s a good way to do it.
Lex (01:23:06):
Even if you don’t want to hear more of the show, just hit subscribe anyways, like f*** around and find out.
Jordan (01:23:11):
Please do.
Lex (01:23:13):
Yeah. And if you were feeling really fresh and sexy and frisky and want to support us on our Ko-FI, we got one.
Jordan (01:23:20):
We do. And the day we’re recording this today is Giving Tuesday, so-
Lex (01:23:26):
Jordan (01:23:26):
If you are, if you are feeling giving and want to help us reach more folks with ADHD, the Ko-Fi link is in our linktree.
Lex (01:23:35):
Which is on our Twitter and our Instagram.
Jordan (01:23:37):
Sure is.
Jordan (01:23:38):
Yup. Uh, yeah. I mean that’s it.
Jordan (01:23:41):
That really is it.
Lex (01:23:42):
That’s it baby? What?
Jordan (01:23:43):
Do we want to swing out on an outro question?
Lex (01:23:45):
Oh yeah. All right. So let’s get to the nitty gritty, the real important personhood related, you know, deeper philosophical questions.
Jordan (01:23:54):
Yes, of course.
Lex (01:23:55):
Related to college,
Jordan (01:23:56):
The deep deep facets of the college experience.
Lex (01:24:00):
Okay. What was your go-to party drink?
Jordan (01:24:08):
Oh no. This is going to make me look like such a prick.
Lex (01:24:08):
Yeah, but you know what mine are, so.
Jordan (01:24:11):
Oh gosh. Um, either just a bottle of, mom plug your ears, a bottle of Rosé.
Lex (01:24:21):
You say that like your mom doesn’t also like to drink wine with us.
Jordan (01:24:24):
Yeah, no, that’s true. She’d probably be like, at least it wasn’t Jager. Um, a bottle-
Lex (01:24:29):
Your parents are so cool.
Jordan (01:24:30):
Yeah. It’s true. Love you mom and dad. But it was either just like a bottle of Washington rosé from the co-op or I got really into this drink that was like a variation on the greyhound, which is grapefruit juice and gin and it was that plus, uh, some Rosemary and honey simple syrup and just like a pinch of salt, which sounds weird but was really good. I got very into making those for a while. Or just a shot of vodka and a pickle. What were yours?
Lex (01:25:04):
Well now I’m embarrassed to say.
Jordan (01:25:08):
You cannot be more pretentious than me in this moment so why don’t you just like bring us-
Lex (01:25:11):
I’m not worried about that.
Jordan (01:25:12):
Bring us back down.
Lex (01:25:14):
I’m going to take us all the way down to like below the surface right down into hell. Cause that’s-
Jordan (01:25:20):
Oh no. Was it Jager?
Lex (01:25:23):
No. Yeah. I mean, it really just resulted in, um, one of three options really when I was an undergrad anyways and grad school a little bit, you know. May or may not be some things that I wouldn’t say no to now. The main one that I feel like I really got into in undergrad was Four Loco.
Jordan (01:25:41):
Oh no.
Lex (01:25:42):
I would not do that now. Uh that’s that’s definitely on the side of like, would not, would not try that again, but that was a really big thing for me. I would just get a Four Loco or like two, Four Locos ready to go.
Jordan (01:25:55):
Is that, would that be eight Loco?
Lex (01:25:57):
Sure. Uh, I was a big fan of, Four Loko in my day. Uh, just shots of fireball, something about cinnamon whiskey, but the other one that I still maintain is a very, very good drink is blue Powerade and Malibu Coconut.
Jordan (01:26:11):
Lex (01:26:12):
Because the way that it mixes together, the Powerade cancels out the liquor taste so it just tastes like coconut Powerade.
Jordan (01:26:22):
Lex (01:26:23):
And so like, it just tastes like funky juice and then you-
Jordan (01:26:29):
I feel like that should be its own college drink. Funky juice.
Lex (01:26:32):
Yeah. I guess, you know.
Jordan (01:26:34):
Would that just be like all of our collective drinks mixed together?
Lex (01:26:37):
I think that’s just jungle juice. I think that’s what they call it. Um.
Jordan (01:26:41):
No I’m talking about like our own like Or, Learn Parkour copyright, Funky Juice.
Lex (01:26:45):
I hate that.
Jordan (01:26:45):
That should be like Four Loko and Rosé.
Lex (01:26:47):
I hate that. Stop that right now. Stop that. We’re ending the podcast.
Jordan (01:26:54):
Okay, alright.
Lex (01:26:54):
I’m Lex.
Jordan (01:26:54):
I’m Jordan.
Lex (01:26:55):
Jordan (01:27:00):
I’m Jordan.
Lex (01:27:01):
I’m Lex.
Jordan (01:27:02):
This has been Or, Learn Parkour.
Lex (01:27:04):
Two bats. I’m coming.
[Outro Music: There Is A Dark Place by Tom Rosenthal].

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