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Guess Who’s a BuzzSprout Affiliate! (hint: it’s us)

After considering all the options with one of Jordan’s signature overly-complicated spreadsheets, we were confident in choosing Buzzsprout to host Or, Learn Parkour. And if you would like a podcast of your very own, we’d confidently recommend Buzzprout to you, too. Do we get a little bit of cash if you sign up on our recommendation? Yeah. Would we recommend it anyways? Yeah!

What do you get when hosting with Buzzsprout?

All in all, a pretty sweet deal if you’re looking to jump into the podcasting world! Plus, you’ll know you’re helping us keep the lights WPC studio lights on, compensate the good folks who make our art and our music and our transcripts, and keep Ned and Rootbeer fed.

Join over a hundred thousand podcasters already using Buzzsprout to get their message out to the world!

Guess Who’s a BuzzSprout Affiliate! (hint: it’s us)
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