Month: March 2023

OLP 045: Two Episodes Sitting in a Hot Tub Five Feet Apart Because Lex Got Covid at a Fall Out Boy Concert – transcript

Jordan (00:28): Hi, for the love of God, hello. I’m Jordan, and this is Or, Learn Parkour. A podcast about ADHD, which is done by two people with ADHD, but in a fun little turn of events, Lex and I cannot be in the studio at the same time. So we are doing two separate […]

OLP 044: On Purpose, On Purpose, We Love Dolly Parton On Purpose – transcript

Jordan  (00:41): Hi, I’m Jordan. Lex (00:42): And I’m Lex. Jordan (00:43): And this is Or, Learn Parkour. Lex (00:45): A podcast about ADHD done by two people who for sure have ADHD. Jordan (00:50): Yep.  Lex: Welcome Back. Lex (00:51): Welcome back, everybody. Happy New Year. Jordan (00:55): Happy New Year. New me, new […]

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